4 Tips to help protect your Windows PC

Buying a new PC is an exciting venture for many tech savvy people. Peeling back the plastic that protects the PC screen as well as the keyboard is an exciting adventure. When you fire up the laptop or PC for the first time, you get excited just hearing the sound the fans are making. If it is a gaming PC, the LED lights will make a wonderful glow as the PC starts for the first time.

While Mac computers are built well, with Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC, you can play tons of games from different publishers. To ensure that your computer is protected, you need to secure it.


Below are tips that will help to protect your computer.


Activate Bit locker

Since the inception of Windows Vista, Microsoft added a new technology that allows the user to encrypt their hard drives. Encryption is a process where the data or information is converted into a series of alphanumeric and symbols therefore making it unreadable. Apart from that, the technology allows the user to set a password therefore preventing any unauthorized individual from accessing the data stored within it.

To activate bit locker, right click on the drive and proceed to follow the instructions displayed.


Keep your OS up-to-date

While developers make every effort to ensure that the Windows operating system is well designed and coded, there are bugs which make your system vulnerable. When on the internet, hackers using malicious softwares like malware and Trojans will try to find holes in your software. Once found, they will have access to your computer and they may delete all your files, steal your confidential data and even damage your PC.

When you set up your PC to receive updates from Microsoft, you will be able to receive patches and hot fixes that will eliminate bugs and holes in your operating system. This will ensure that you are well protected when on the internet.


Create a restore point

The restore point is system built option that allows users to create a point on the PC when it was working well. The restore point is useful when the PC user encounters problems with boot loading or other troubleshooting problems. If your Windows 8 or Windows 10 is unable to boot properly, you can access the restore point and revert all changes to ensure that your PC is working again.


Install a strong antivirus

Today, thanks to improved technology, computer users have access to hundreds of antivirus solutions. There are those offered for free and there are those one will have to purchase a license. Antivirus software are designed to detect and remove malicious programs like Trojans, malware and viruses which sneak into a computer with the purpose of destroying data or the computer itself. There are several free antivirus software you can download and some of them include Microsoft Essentials and Avira Free antivirus.